Why we call it Queen Creek

The history of our town name

With an ever-growing love of this community, QC Livin is all about sharing the heart of Queen Creek with others–its history and unique community! Did you know Queen Creek was founded on September 5, 1989? We’re a young town with lots of community growth and family values. And one thing you can count on with a family is a good story. The QC we know and love received its name from just under 100 miles away. Enjoy this piece of our history!

It started in Superior, Arizona

Nestled in the mountains of Superior, Arizona, the Silver Queen mine was one of many in the area, drawn to a huge supply of ore. And at the base of the mine ran a creek–the Picket Post Creek. You might be thinking–wait…shouldn’t it be called Queen Creek? Yes! Once the Silver Queen mine was officially up and running, the name of the creek was changed to–any guesses? That’s right. Queen Creek. The creek’s path ran down the mountain and into our very own Queen Creek region.

Rittenhouse to Queen Creek

But before we arrived at the Queen Creek namesake, we were actually known as “Rittenhouse.” According to an article on The Town of Queen Creek website, back in the day, the railroad spur near the crossroads of Rittenhouse and Ellesworth was a common place for people to hitch a ride to Phoenix on the train! But Rittenhouse was soon changed to Queen Creek as the community grew.

Then and now

There you have it. A nugget of our town’s history. We hope you enjoy hearing about this town we cherish. And we also want you to be able to experience it more fully with the various products we offer at QC Livin. Each one is local, bearing the name of this treasured community–Queen Creek.