Queen Creek: Small Town, Big Family

One of our favorite aspects within this community of Queen Creek is that it’s a big family. When you visit, you can feel it. When you hear the stories of our past, you can understand why we have such tight roots, not only to our history, but to each other! It’s part of what makes QC Livin so special to us–the collection of products we love, from a family we love.

It’s been family since the beginning

In the beginning days of Queen Creek’s community (which was actually known as “Rittenhouse” back then) there were a handful of families. This Rittenhouse community was a tight-knit group of mostly farmers.

Several interviews collected in a video by Explore Queen Creek share fun and insightful stories from our community’s origins! Family members recounted stories from their relatives arriving in Queen Creek as it was just being established–one even arriving with just 40 cents in his pocket. Needing to find work the next day, he was hired by a Mr. Ellsworth…a familiar name to us! Others shared about the success of potato farming. The warmer temperatures would allow this area to produce potatoes quicker than other areas in the country, making Arizona a quick partner for Lay’s and others!

There are even some stories of friendly rivalry between Queen Creek and the more established towns further west, including banter between the “desert rats” and the “alley cats.” The farming community of Queen Creek was known for its agricultural roots. Some families remember sleeping outside in the summers, carrying in mattresses when the monsoon rains came. And through all the hard work, this community of families supported each other, but also had fun together. Dances, picnics, and other celebrations were popular.

The spirit of the QC family today

The picnics, dances, 4th of July celebrations, and other community-driven events we still know and love today were birthed from a deeply committed community all the way back to Queen Creek’s first days. It’s nothing new. We are proud to carry on this tradition of community that has been intentionally cultivated from the beginning.

When you shop with QC Livin, you’re investing in a family who cares for each other, grows together, and does life together. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.